Seasonal Marketing Strategies With DigiDZN

Seasonal Marketing Strategies

Festivities are one among all the best ways to get close to one another. And why not, when there is a gathering of your loved ones, then it is always one of most gleeful moments of one’s’ life.  Hats off to the fascinating big fat Indian celebrations that let people enjoy them on a repetitive mode.

Where the seasons of festivals are far more than just the festivals, India is actually just the place. And all those festivals are clearly portrayed in the market industry. Numerous shops and the websites are embellished according to the themes of the occasion. But is that enough? Now making it much more effective and efficient, here is a list of a few game-changer ideas that will surely never let you down. Check these out for enhancing your small business and making a big deal this festive season too.

Enlighten Your Store And Website

Themed and pretty well decorations of your store and website attracts people automatically. You can have a look over this situation by putting yourself into the customers’ shoes. As you will go towards something that looks fascinating as well as that deals with your needs according to the festive season.  The same ideology implements on your website too. Change in the themes according to the demands of the festival brings and/or adds up a new element that boosts the level of public viewership and once viewed by the people, it enhances the chances of profit in a really big way.

Email The Festive Felicitations

A warm welcome is always welcomed by one and all. The good wishes, the loving messages in a much unique and creative or the handwritten cards brings joys to every face. Especially when it arrives from the small business marketers in an utmost stylish form it is even more delightful. The same applies on your website and products as well. Reach out to people in a much more friendly and enthusiastic way lest customers not only recognize you as a market competitor but also as a well wisher and a care taker.

Expand Your Feet Towards Instagram Ad Campaigns


The largest photos and videos sharing social media platform, Instagram is being used by majority of people where they are sharing a part of their life every now and then. Be it any other day or the wholeheartedly decorated according to the themes of the occasion, Instagram portrays it all in a much enriched forms. In such cases, you can efficiently make use of Instagram ad campaigns for a drastic hike in the profit.

Providing Offers And Discounts

Offers and the discounts play an indispensable role when you have an eye over the bumper hike in the profit. People usually rush towards the discounted articles where they can get many more stuffs purchased on a cheaper rates. The percentage of discounts somewhat or somehow decides the public engagement on your website especially during the festive seasons. You can go through the following steps in order to implement and execute the discounts and offers:

  • Make a list of all the festivals that are approaching nearby then whether it is big or a small one.
  • Categorize all those products that you desire to put up on the sale.
  • Bombard this information via different modes; be it emails, whatsapp messages, personal messages, facebook, Instagram, phone calls, etc.
  • Convince your customers to at the least try your products and the services.

Organize some photo contests:

Organize some photo contests

Seeking a general mindset of the customers, people are much more inclined towards receiving the hampers and gifts in the photo contests or some other contests. This enhances more engagement of public over the social media. Additionally the quality of the products and the services decides its future in the existing market. However, if it turns out to be amazing it will receive even more customer’s attention. Henceforth, the similar method can let you hit the bull’s eye, especially during the seasonal marketing.

Limited Offers

Limited Offers

Now, limited offers are one such tool of the marketing industry which is widely used by various business tycoons. And interestingly, it works amazingly too. Announcing among the people that a particular thing; which is their favorite is actually limited briskly fires up an invisible competition among them to catch it as soon as possible. It is one of the best ever strategies that helps to achieve a hike at a splendid speed. You too can opt that can help you in a long way ahead as well.

Creating 3D GIFs

3D GIFs are one of the newest forms of marketing strategies all over the social media where, there is a short video creation in regards of the promotion of the products or the services offered by the sellers online. It portrays a shortest view of the products that entices people to get to know more about the stuff. And obviously, the curiosity always wins and it surely receives tremendous love of the people. Thus, this strategy can be implemented in order to achieve success on a high note.

Now, on the climax note, what basically DIGIDZN do for you might be scratching your head. So, without skipping even a single moment, let me tell you that It helps you get out of all the hurdles that you go through the complete procedures of the digital marketing. Experiencing the uniqueness on every note, DIGIDZN plays an indispensable role. Offering services to numerous clients on highest ranging notes, there are some of specific services offered by them. Some of them are as follows:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
    In this service, you can improve your page rank that can help you in the growth of your business.
  • Social Media Marketing: DigiDZn helps you in social media marketing that can help you in establishing your business with the help of huge user network, sharing contents, views, opinions.
  • DigiDZN also offers the e-commerce services too for the businesses.
  • Web Development: Web development is another indispensable task performed incredibly by the DigiDZN.
  • Content Marketing: Where the content is the king, there stands the DigiDZN helping you boost your business by spreading about your business.
  • ASO (App Store Optimization): It is one of the most important task post the development of the app which is done efficiently by the DigiDZN.

Ultimately, hope you enjoy doing seasonal marketing during this festive season and get a much hiked profit in your business. So, wishing you happy festivals from DigiDZN.

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