What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is one of the most important factors in your internet search rankings. This is the process of increasing awareness of brand or event, products, brand, and services through various social media platforms to generate publicity.
Social media optimization includes various things like- bookmarking sites, social news, blogging sites, social media sites and videos.
The purpose of SMO is to increase the traffic to your website as similar to SEO.

Basically, Optimization means to make the things best and optimization can be applied to social media marketing and other marketing efforts. Making social media profiles is the best way to ensure that you are optimizing social media channels for better results.SMO and SEO both these strategies are interconnected with each other and focus on building a solid online presence at worldwide level and helps attracting to target audience to your brand.

SMO Tips to Boost your Website Ranking

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If you make a powerful social media presence then it will help directly to boosts your search rankings very fast. So, here are some guidelines mentioned below-

1. Integrate Social into Your Website-

As promotion of a brand and service is must for growing any business online. Therefore, to promote a brand or service and to boost your online presence, there is a need to blend together your website and social media. There are so many steps through which you can exploit social media on your website-
● The simplest way to integrating social media profile into your website is to integrate social sharing button to your website.
● As some social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus have a high web authority so, if we direct links on these social media sites then, the links will be considered high- quality links.
● Another step through which you can exploit social media on your website is include direct web links to your channels from your website and vice- versa. Another option is to add social sharing button on your blog post.
● You can provide an option of sign up or log in to users. This will help you to give a better user- experience.

2. Focus on Keywords-

Keywords play an important role in every business growth. Keywords help to drive targeted web traffic to your website. If you align your keywords systematically in your content it will give you maximum exposure to your social media profiles. You need to structure your keywords according to the competition into your profile and social media page. To gain visibility in keyword searches on search engines you can add high- level keywords. This will help you to get a better rank in Google.

3. Encourage External Inbound Links-

By using external inbound links you can increase the visibility of your brand. Original high-quality and engaging content on your website helps to gain attention of users which will help in the promotion of your brand or services.

4. Share Quality Content-

As we all know content is the king. Without a high-quality content there is no possibility to boost your business fast. Content play an important role to boost your website ranking and in every business strategy. The content which you share on social media sites should be relevant to the topic and it should add value to the readers.

5. Social Bookmarking-

Social Bookmarking is the process of submission of website links to various social websites. Some bookmarking sites are- Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Bizsugar, Scoopt etc. This is the other good way to generate quality traffic. Through social bookmarking sites, people reach to your website directly and they get what they looking for from your website. This also benefits you to earn a quality backlink, as a quality backlink helps a website in increasing their Search ranking.

6. Create Social Content Worthy of Backlinks-

Social Media Posts are not limited but have the capability to go viral. Social posts can be use in blog posts, ebooks, and articles in engaging videos as well as in presentations.

7. Use Keywords in Social Content-

Social Media optimization and social efforts both are interlinked to each other. Always use relevant keywords to your social media posts to improve engagement with the post. While sharing your content on social media sites always use selected functional keywords in your posts, hashtags.
It helps to increase visibility of your brand and in ranking.

Why SMO is Necessary?

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So, from the above information we can conclude that SMO is necessary for an online business. SMO ensures a strong presence on the web. It also helps to reach the audience globally. It is one of the best source to drive traffic and this can be done with small amount of investment. In this way this helps a lot to generate more publicity.

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